Patch is out!



6th July 2017

Major Changes 

•  Runewards has gone Multinational! You can now play Runewards in either Russian or Portuguese!

General Changes

•  We made several improvements and changes to Campaign to make it more accessible.

•  Some text improvements in terms of position has been done all across the game.

Bug Fixes 

•  Fixed an issue when clicking on Campaign Button too fast it get frozen and carry on to the next window you go to.

•  Fixed an issue with Map dots not working functionally under some conditions

•  Fixed an issue with Act 2 when trying to purchase it and you don't have enough gold, it doesn't show it. You should now receive a proper message if you don't have enough gold.

•  Fixed an issue with Far Sight spell sending false errors to our log for no reason.

•  Fixed an issue with Doctor Yankul Power not updating after he dies or a new round begins.

•  Fixed an issue with Friend List showing no friends are online when there is 1 friend online.

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