State of the Game


It's been a very productive few months for us so far here at ReaverGames and we thought to take a moment to look back at what we've done and where we are going next.

So what have we done so far this year?


At the beginning of the year we launched our Beta. We completed our Multiplayer and A.I game modes, Leagues, In-game shop and more. We've also improved our gameplay. We added new cards and changed existing abilities to improve the game. We are still working hard on developing the game.

Steam Greenlight


By the end of January we've launched a Steam Greenlight campaign in hopes of entering the world's greatest online gaming store. It took Runewards only 3 weeks to get Greenlit with your help and support and we managed to secure a place in Steam.

While we are not yet ready to launch on Steam just yet we've been working hard to integrate our services with Steam and hope to announce more news regarding a Steam launch date soon.

Runewards available for Android!


At the start of April we launched Runewards on Android devices. Mobile devices are weaker than PC and as a result, required us to improve, optimize and invent ways for us to properly show the game on smaller screens. As a result of this the game is now better optimized on all devices, both PC and Mobile.

Being available on Android is a great step in our development, and we are also planning to release on iOS as well within this year. 

Patches and Updates



While working on new features, we haven't neglected the game and continued to improve it's gameplay. We added new cards like Doctor Yankul, Baduna Warrior and Foxfire Zombie, changed cards like Cerberus, Immune, The Countess and many more.
We continue to fix, update and improve the game as we prepare to release new features.

We also added a Glossary to Runewards to explain the interface:


The Glossary allows new and old players alike to understand how the game works in clear and visible way. While we love learning new games like any other we wish to make it as painless and easy as possible to understand how the game and its rules work.


What's Next?


So what's next for us? 
Well - we're happy to announce that our next major Patch will include our brand new Campaign which will initially be built from 2 Acts (with more to come) - each Act will feature 5 chapters which will unfold the story of the Runeseeker and his trusty companion, The Innkeeper.
Each chapter will have a unique hero to face, with special abilities, cards and tricks up their sleeve! It won't be easy, will require you to strategize and adjust in order to defeat your foes.

Each chapter will also include a reward in a form of a new card upgrade! 

We will provide more information soon.

We continue to work on optimizing the game as we prepare for iOS and Steam releases, improving our new player experience, adding multiple language options while preparing a few more surprises as we head into the second half of the year.

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback.

Thank you,

-Team Runewards

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